ACM ICMR 2018 Special Session

Special session on "Predicting User Perceptions of Multimedia Content"

Submission deadline: 17. February 2018

Location: Yokohama, Japan
Dates: 11. June 2018 -14. June 2018

More information:

Sponsored by ACM SIGMM

Understanding of multimedia content by machines has reached an important milestone in current research with the latest achievements in machine learning. However, although such technologies may enable a high level understanding of multimedia scenes, their output still remains a factual and plain description of it. What is related to human perceptions of media content is still most of the time eluded, although there have been important breakthroughs in analyzing subjective properties, such as aesthetics, memorability, or induced emotions. Predicting user perceptions of multimedia content aims to go one step forward in putting human subjectivity and interpretation in the centre of the scene understanding, by rending the systems able to automatically predict human-like concepts such as interestingness, affective values and emotions, aesthetic values, memorability, novelty, complexity, visual composition and stylistic attributes, creativity, etc. These are specifically interesting for a very broad range of current applications, e.g., content retrieval and search, storytelling, targeted advertising, education and learning, and content filtering.

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