AltMM 2018 @ ACM MM 2018

AltMM 2018: ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Alternate Realities

Submission deadline: 08. July 2018

Location: Seoul, Korea
Dates: 22. October 2018 -26. October 2018

More information:

Sponsored by ACM SIGMM

Multimedia experiences allow us to access other worlds, to live other people’s stories, to communicate with or experience alternate realities. Different spaces, times or situations can be entered thanks to multimedia contents and systems, which coexist with our current reality, and are sometimes so vivid and engaging that we feel we are living in them. Advances in multimedia are making it possible to create immersive experiences that may involve the user in a different or augmented world, as an alternate reality.

The 3rd edition of this workshop aims at exploring how the synergy between multimedia technologies can foster the creation of alternate realities and make their access an enriching and valuable experience. We seek contributions that present multimedia technologies, methods and measurement approaches from the perspective of “enabling other realities”.


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