Brave New Ideas @ ACM MM 2017

ACM Multimedia 2017

Submission deadline: 31. May 2017

Location: Mountain View, CA
Dates: 23. October 2017 -27. October 2017

More information:

Sponsored by ACM SIGMM

Theme: Multimedia in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Brave New Idea Track of ACM Multimedia 2017 is calling for innovative papers that describe how multimedia technologies can be used to create new intelligent systems or enhance existing systems. Papers in this track should describe completely new and different applications which use multimedia input (combinations of video, audio, text, and sensor signals) as part of an intelligent agent or other advanced reasoning systems. It is not necessary that papers in this track have large scale experimental results or comparisons to related efforts, since it is expected that large, publicly available data sets and other comparable systems may not be available. However, papers should be visionary and provide enough experimental evidence to be credible.

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