SparDa @ CBMI 2017

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Submission deadline: 28. February 2017

Location: Firenze, Italy
Dates: 19. June 2017 -21. June 2017

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In cooperation with ACM SIGMM

Sparse Data Machine Learning for Domains in Multimedia

Using multimedia in specific fields such as medicine or psychology is an emerging trend, which gives the multimedia community an opportunity to perform research that can have societal impact and help people. Nevertheless, these domains often come with some challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the availability of labeled data. In the area of medicine, there are some areas and diseases that are well covered, for example image and video data for polyp detection. Thus, even the well covered areas have, compared to other datasets, very little data. This fact makes it very challenging to apply machine learning methods and get meaningful results. Especially, the highly praised and used deep learning is very depending on a lot of good training data. Moreover, deep learning might not be the silver bullet for tackling every problem. With this special session, we want to emphasize that there are relevant and emerging topics that might not or are against the odds be solvable with deep learning and require a more open and broader point of view.

The scope of this session is machine learning in areas that come with a lack of data, such as medicine, addressing the challenges described in the motivation.

Examples for topic of interest are:
Traditional machine learning vs Deep learning
Machine Learning on small data
Deep learning with small datasets
Unsupervised machine learning
Data creation
Data annotation
Knowledge transfer
Areas with small multimedia datasets (for example medicine, psychology)
Multimedia tools and applications in fields with lack of data (for example medicine, psychology)

More information about the conference can be found here:
For guidelines and submission procedure see Paper submission.

The CBMI proceedings are traditionally indexed and distributed by IEEE Xplore and ACM DL.
In addition, authors of the best papers of the conference will be invited to submit extended versions of their contributions to a special issue of Multimedia Tools and Applications journal (MTAP).

Important dates:
Full/short paper submission deadline: February 28, 2017
Notification of acceptance: April 10, 2017
Camera-ready papers: April 21, 2017

Konstantin Pogorelov – Simula Research Laboratory, Norway –
Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen – Dublin City University, Ireland –
Michael Riegler – Simula Research Laboratory, Norway –
Luca Piras – University of Cagliari, Italy –
Paolo Rota – Vienna University of Technology, Austria –
Pål Halvorsen – Simula Research Laboratory, Norway –


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