PhD position in Multimedia Analytics for Urban Computing at the University of Amsterdam

This PhD position focuses on the analysis of large scale multimedia data (images, text, and metadata), in combination with open data (e.g. statistics on demographics, economy, and services), and participatory data, i.e. information contributed by citizens. Potential applications include analysing and improving city livability, understanding citizen needs, and improving government services.

To this end, the research in this project will build on e.g. deep learning methodologies that allow for the integration of multimodal information and aims to break new ground in multimedia analytics by:

– developing innovative ways of fusing highly heterogeneous content;
– facilitating interactive search and exploration in large multimedia collections;
– translating relevant questions of societal importance into novel data science solutions.

Employer: University of Amsterdam

Expiration date: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

More information:

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