Postdoc in Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Video Exploration

Visual characteristics such as light and color, shape and size, or movement inside or between successive frames greatly affect the audience’s experience and interpretation of films and videos. In a project with humanities researchers, audio-visual archive professionals, and artists we aim to unlock the visual content of video archives to provide innovative ways of exploration and creative ways of presentation. The role of the postdoctoral researcher is to:

– develop methods which can learn to extract meaningful features from video fragments and relations among them to optimally support the exploration and presentation;
– publish in top journals and conferences in computer science as well as together with the other researchers in domain specific venues;
– interact with the other researchers to create synergy in research and innovation;
– manage the computer science part of the project;
– contribute to teaching and/or guiding bachelor and master students.

Employer: University of Amsterdam

Expiration date: Saturday, July 1, 2017

More information:

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