Postdoc in Multimedia Analytics at the University of Amsterdam

The research in Multimedia Analytics is focused on the integration of Multimedia Analysis in particular of visual data in combination with text, Multimedia Mining, Information Visualization, and Multimedia Interaction into a coherent framework which yields more than its constituent components. We strive for automation that matches human visual cognition, interaction surpassing man and machine intelligence and visualization blending it all in interfaces giving instant insight.

The role of the postdoctoral researcher is to:

contribute to the overall goal of multimedia analytics given above, of particular interest is the development of methods which combine our state-of-the-art multimedia analysis tools with intelligent interactive interfaces;
publish in top journals and conferences;
contribute to already running multimedia analytics projects in the area of law enforcement, art, travel, and/or city analytics;
write one or more project proposals for national/international funding in the field of multimedia analytics;
contribute to teaching and guiding bachelor and master students.

Employer: University of Amsterdam

Expiration date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

More information:

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