Gender Diversity in SIGMM: We’ll Just Leave This Here As Well

1. Introduction and Background SIGMM is the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group (SIG) in Multimedia, one of 36 SIGs in the ACM family.  ACM itself was founded in 1947 and is the world’s largest educational and scientific society for computing, uniting computing educators, researchers and professionals. With almost 100,000 … Read more

Report from the SIGMM Emerging Leaders Symposium 2018

The idea of a symposium to bring together the bright new talent within the SIGMM community and to hear their views on some topics within the area and on the future of Multimedia, was first mooted in 2014 by Shih-Fu Chang, then SIGMM Chair. That lead to the “Rising Stars … Read more

Opinion Column: Survey on ACM Multimedia

For this edition of the Opinion Column, happening in correspondence with ACM Multimedia 2018, we launched a short community survey regarding their perception of the conference. We prepared the survey together with senior members of the community, as well as the organizers of ACM Multimedia 2019. You can find the … Read more

An interview with Géraldine Morin

Please describe your journey into research from your youth up to the present. What foundational lessons did you learn from this journey? Why were you initially attracted to multimedia? My journey into research was not such a linear path (or ’straight path’ as some French institutions put it —a criteria … Read more

Predicting the Emotional Impact of Movies

Affective video content analysis aims at the automatic recognition of emotions elicited by videos. It has a large number of applications, including mood based personalized content recommendation [1], video indexing [2], and efficient movie visualization and browsing [3]. Beyond the analysis of existing video material, affective computing techniques can also … Read more

Towards an Integrated View on QoE and UX: Adding the Eudaimonic Dimension

In the past, research on Quality of Experience (QoE) has frequently been limited to networked multimedia applications, such as the transmission of speech, audio and video signals. In parallel, usability and User Experience (UX) research addressed human-machine interaction systems which either focus on a functional (pragmatic) or aesthetic (hedonic) aspect … Read more

JPEG Column: 81st JPEG Meeting in Vancouver, Canada

The 81st JPEG meeting was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at which significant efforts were put into the analysis of the responses to the call for proposals on the next generation image coding standard, nicknamed JPEG XL, that is expected to provide a solution for image format with improved … Read more

MPEG Column: 124th MPEG Meeting in Macau, China

The original blog post can be found at the Bitmovin Techblog and has been modified/updated here to focus on and highlight research aspects. The MPEG press release comprises the following aspects: Point Cloud Compression – MPEG promotes a video-based point cloud compression technology to the Committee Draft stage Compressed Representation … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

Deep learning with Keras

Following the last column on MatConvNet, let us continue to look at open source frameworks for deep learning. In this column we are going to check Keras, a Python API that allows to use several different backends like Tensorflow and CNTK. Actually, it also supports Theano, although the development of this framework … Read more